7 Nourishing Chicken Soups in Mumbai To Fight Off The Monsoon Induced Sniffles

It looks like the monsoons have finally set in and Mumbai has breathed a sigh of relief; it’s a welcome escape from that unbearable heat. However, the monsoons bring their own problems; flooding, waterlogging and coughs and sniffles. While we’re powerless to do anything about the flooding, we can help with the sniffles; legend has it that chicken soup is a great cure for colds. Using that logic, here are the best chicken soups in Mumbai.

Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Soup at Pronto Pizza


The grilled chicken and mushroom soup is a crowd favourite at Pronto; it’s hearty, healthy and nourishing.

Hot and Sour Chicken Soup at Ling’s Pavilion


Ling’s Pavillion is an age old Oriental restaurant that serves amazing Chinese classics; their hot and sour chicken soup will ease any sore throat.

Vietnamese Tamarind Soup of Tender Chicken at Joss


As well as being known for its sushi, Joss serves delicious Vietnamese fare, like this tamarind and tender chicken soup.

Chicken Shorba at Persian Darbar


A hearty chicken soup with Indian flavours.

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup at Mamagoto


Sweet corn and chicken make the perfect pair in this tasty soup.

Brodo Di Pollo Con Crostini at Café Churchill


This fancy soup is made with rosemary flavoured chicken and crunchy croutons.

Firehouse Chilli Soup at Jamjar Diner with Grilled Chicken


Like its name suggests, this soup is hot, hot, hot; the perfect weapon to fight the chills!