7 New Year Resolutions For The Determined Foodie


The only thing not new about New Years is our resolution list, which has been the same since 2005 just with an added purpose each year. But here are 7 totally achievable New Year resolutions that the determined foodie can stick to.


  1. Try A New Cuisine

Being a foodie isn’t just about eating, binging and hogging. It is also super important to try out everything that there is to scoff. So promise yourself to try out a new cuisine every month.GRILLEDLOBSTERPARSLEY2021


  1. Cook Once A Week

Cooking your own meal once in a while doesn’t only help you add up skills to your list but is also an excellent way of knowing what’s going inside your stomach.sauteedpotatoes1962



  1. Reduce Food Waste

World hunger and the alarming scale at which countries are putting away uneaten food is a matter that requires attention. So start from your own kitchen and do your bit in cutting back on food wastage this year.Foodwaste


  1. Eat Breakfast

For some, this resolution might be silly but most of us need to incorporate this habit in our daily routine. Not only is skipping breakfast harmful for your health but is also a major player in piling up the fat.Featured image sugary breakfast


  1. Tighten The Alcohol Reins

It’s alright to let yourself loose once in a while. But how much is too much? Let’s sit down and rethink our alcohol intake – read liver health – in 2016, shall we?Lutyens-Cocktail


  1. Cleanse Regularly

Remember that detox regime you read about in Cosmo and swiped right through on Insta? Let this New Year be the start of something new. Stick to a regular detox or cleanse regime once a month to let your body breathe a sigh of relief.Juice-Detox


  1. Be Adventurous

Don’t hold yourself back from trying out a new dish simply because you’ve never heard of ‘Sriracha’ before. Be adventurous and go crazy with what you eat. In a good way, of course!BenAndJerry


Most importantly stay hungry forever for good food, drink and cheesecake!