7 My Little Pony Recipes For a Throwback To Childhood

The My Little Pony franchise, which can trace its origins back to the 90s is still popular with children everywhere. Even as adults, we find ourselves watching an episode or two to enjoy some nostalgia. Here are some recipes we’ve put together inspired by a love for My Little Pony.

Parsley Eggs

Rarity shows sweetie Bell how to make fried eggs with parsley. Make your own using this recipe.

Blueberry Pie

The Crystal Empire’s Crystal Faire serves berry pie, crystal corn, nectar and fritters in one episode of My Little Pony. We think blueberries make for the perfect pie; make your own with this recipe.


Carrot Crepes

Roma serves carrot crepes at a fair. That entice all the ponies – after all, horses love their carrots. Make your own delicious carrot crepes with this recipe.


Cherry Chimichangas

Pinkie Pie comes up the idea of Chimi-Cherries or Cherry-Changas; cherry stuffed chimichangas when trying to cheer up Apple Jack. Make your own using this recipe!

Chocolate Mousse

Mulia Mild makes a light, airy chocolate mousse for the dessert fair. A part of it gets eaten on the train to the fair; after all, who can resist chocolate mousse? Make your own with this recipe.

Apple Fritters

The ponies are always gathering apples; we can imagine they use them to make a variety of dishes including fritters. Make your own with this recipe.

Fluttershy’s Soup

Fluttershy makes Philomena homemade soup when she’s sick. We assume it was a tomato soup; make your own with this recipe.