7 Lasagna Recipes For A Cheesy Dinner

Lasagna, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. You can never have enough cheese on lasagna and we have the wonderful Italians to thank for this cheesy invention. Whether it’s with a creamy white sauce, juicy red sauce, or a hearty mixed sauce, lasagna ALWAYS tastes amazing. Always. Perhaps its the cheese and the goodness of meat and veggies that you throw in to make this wonderful dish, or perhaps it’s that last handful of cheese that you just HAD to throw in again that makes this dish one delightful and filling meal! The best part about this dish is that you can make enough to feed a whole family or just one single serving for yourself. And yes, you needn’t be afraid to hold back on the cheese. What’s more, the sauces can always be made in advance when you have the time and refrigerated until you need to use it, making this dish one you can rely on for a super quick dinner when you’re pressed for time or just lazy! So with that being said, how about some lasagna for dinner tonight?


1. Vegetable Lasagna

Behold, a delightful vegetable lasagna recipe! This one’s loaded with veggies in a juicy sauce and of course, there’s cheese too. Great for those summery nights with the family, you can make as much as you like!


2. Classic Italian Lasagna

This is a basic recipe for a classic Italian-style lasagna with beef and cheese. The best way to enjoy Italian sausage and ground beef together is with this lasagna. The flavours are absolutely delightful and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


3. Meatball Lasagna

Love meatballs? How about some meatball flavoured lasagna? This recipe shows you how to make an exciting meatball lasagna without having to make the meatballs. Enjoy!


4. Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna Bolognese is the perfect comfort food that you can enjoy on a rainy night, family dinner, or just a lazy night to yourself. What’s perfect is that you can make this delicious recipe in advance. What’s not to love about a cheesy, juicy serving of lasagna?


5. Chicken Lasagna

You can’t go wrong with chicken lasagna. The end result is always amazing thanks to the flavour of the chicken running through the whole dish. The flavourful sauce and parmesan topping makes this dish incredibly tasty and enjoyable!


6. Spinach Lasagna

Ever thought you can enjoy a hearty lasagna while going dairy-free? Well, now you can. Here’s a vegan recipe that everyone will love. This spinach lasagna recipe is not just vegan but is also absolutely healthy and low-fat too!


7. Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

Here’s an easy recipe for lasagna with bechamel sauce that’s very simple to make. This lasagna recipe makes the perfect dinner for when you want some rich and creamy pasta.