7 Homemade Halloween Candies To Give Out To Trick Or Treaters

Halloween is fast approaching and you can be sure that children everywhere are excitedly planning their costumes. This year, instead of handing out store bought candy to trick or treaters, why not try making your own candy at home? The kids will be delighted and their parents will be thankful that there’s a little less processed candy going into their systems. Simply make a batch of these treats, wrap them up in cellophane bags and hand them out.

Halloween Candy Corn Cookies

These super sweet cookies will be both adorable and tasty!

Black Candy Apples

Healthy, wholesome apples are dipped in a black candy mix to make these spooky treats.

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

After carving your pumpkins, put all the pulp and seeds to good use by making these delicious treats.

Fruit Orange Pumpkin Candy Cup

Place all your candy in these handy orange cups. They’re much less cumbersome to carry around than pumpkins!

Bloody Eyeballs

Use these with caution; you don’t want scare the kids so much that they lose their appetites!

Ghost Fudge

An amalgamation of candy corns, chocolate chips and fudge; what’s not to like?

Gummy Worms

These gooey gummy worms are much spookier than the store bought ones!