September 5, 2017
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7 Healthy Food Myths You Should Not Believe In

Health is always your priority. But how many of you can bring it to reality? Your work, time limits, deadlines and endless limitations are all the hindrances of a healthy life.

At times even misconceptions play a major role. You may be thinking that you have a balanced diet but in reality, it might not be as healthy as it should be.

A plethora of myths about the healthy food and its post effects are prevailing in the mindsets of people. Here are some the myths about the healthy food you all should not believe in anymore.


1) Eating Post 6 Pm Is Unhealthy: You must have heard the phrase, “Early to bed, early to rise. Makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It is surely a scientifically proven phrase. However, you can not live a life that your ancestors had been living.

If you follow the myth of not eating after 6 pm, you shall be starving yourself and thereby leaving your body less nutrition. One has to change the diet habits as per his own schedule and should not follow it blindly.

However, you should not eat 3 hours before you go to bed. Also, the dinner you take should always be light.

2) Fat Makes You Fat: If you believe that fat will make you slimmer and healthier then you are taking your health to a dangerous level. Yes, excessive fat is harmful to health. However, not to have it all is much more harmful.

When you stop having fat in your intake, your digestion suffers. Fat helps in metabolizing vitamin A and vitamin E. The insufficiency of fat in your body stops producing hormones. It can also harm your liver and brings skin aging faster.

3) You Should Not Have Snacks: You should eat snacks at a regular interval so that your tummy is filled and not starved. However, snacks should be taken in the limit as there is a thin line of difference between required and excess that has to be  taken care of.

4) You Should Avoid Carbohydrates: Basically, there are two types of carbs simple and complex. Sugar, chocolate, honey, jam are some of the foods that contain simple carbs.

However, you should have complex carbs for healthy diet options such as grains, beans and vegetables.

It is indeed difficult all the time to figure out the balanced diet options. Nevertheless, you can take help of the various guidelines featured on the diet suggestions.

5) Refrigeration Of Fruits Takes Away Its Healthy Elements: There is a general belief that the fruits and vegetables once refrigerated loses its healthy elements. Although the new freezing technologies keep the healthy element intact, the older refrigerators still contain this problem.

6) Brown Bread Should Be Preferred Over White Bread: People believe that brown bread is a healthier option than the white bread. However, it is not necessary all the time. The brown color of the bread can be created by adding caramel in the dough. The color is not the parameter of fiber for sure. The energy contained in both the bread is more or less the same.

7) Juices Are As Healthy As The Fruits: Broadly speaking, people believe that both the juices and fruits contain the same amount of nutrition. This is one of the biggest myths. The fruits contain fiber that juices have almost as lower as zero. Moreover, the juices contain sugar that is harmful to health.

As you all know about the myths of healthy food, make sure to avoid it and have the food that is actually healthy for you.

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Ryan Holman

Ryan Holman


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