Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Need To Detox This Week

We can bet you’ve already overindulged this December; we know we did! And, while the season to over eat and over drink is not yet over (hey, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner), why not give your stomach a break this week with some healthy breakfasts? Then, feel free to binge on the 31st.

Vegan Oatmeal Muffins


You can’t get any healthier than going vegan with oatmeal. In muffin form, the combination is delicious!

Banana Porridge


A super creamy porridge that tastes even better with nuts on top.

Kale Cucumber Smoothie


Get your daily dose of greens first thing in the morning with this simple smoothie recipe.

Ragi Dosa


If you want an Indian breakfast, try making this ragi dosa with idli rice and urad dal.

Summer Fruit Salad


Combine a range of fruits and fresh juices to make an incredibly healthy salad that is best eaten on an empty stomach.

Egg Toast Recipe


Have your traditional French toast with an Indian twist to get nutrients from the eggs and energy from the bread.

Moong Dal Paratha Recipe


Dal and flour combine to make a light, yet protein packed breakfast.