7 Harry Potter Shooters That’ll Give You The Jelly-Legs Jinx

There is nothing Hogwarts loved more than a massive feast – apart from magic and wizardry, of course. And for us a feast is incomplete without the spirits. Now now, we don’t plan on summoning spirits from the beyond. More like the bottled djinns. Lovingly known as alcohol.

To many Potterheads’ delight a certain someone on Tumblr known as ‘Graphic Nerdity’ has let out recipes for Harry Potter themed shots. These concoctions are right out of the bartenders’ Potions class.

Here are the 7 toxic (almost) potions for your next party. Multiple hours of hangover guaranteed!


  1. Avada Tequila

Write down your will before downing this one.tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o1_1280


  1. Triwhiskey Cup

This goblet is bound to get you tipsy.tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o2_1280


  1. Gin Weasely/Rum Weasely

Pick your favorite Weasely!tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o3_1280


  1. Demintor

No amount of Patronus can protect you from this.tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o4_1280


  1. Expecto Patrón

Drink up to drive away the Dementors. And your senses.tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o5_1280


  1. Sectum Sambuca

This one will slash open your taste buds all right! Hashtag tobacco.tumblr_nu6ncyyUGz1qh4bj4o6_1280


  1. Lord Vodkamort

A spicy shooter named after you know who.vodkamort