7 Grillin’ Tips And Tricks For Your Barbecue Party

Barbecue season is fast closing in and are you excited to invite over a bunch of friends to have a good time over food and drinks? Is this the fist time you’re planning to host one? Get your grilling tongs ready and plan out a menu that would suit you. Is it going to be an all seafood affair or an all meat fiesta with a side of grilled veggies? If you’ve got this planned, then 90% of your barbecue party planning is done. Once you’ve got this sorted, you’ve got to decide on the type of grill you want to be using. Whether you want to use gas grills, or go all charcoal or use different types of wood chips to BBQ your meat is all up to you. Get ready to impress your guests with a delicious BBQ meal. Here are a few tips to get you started. These tips can make a great change in the outcome, especially if you’re using a grill/smoker for the first time.

1. Setting up of the grill or smoker

This is the most important step as the temperature of the grill and smoker is directly related to the cooking of the dish. The liquids and solids have different cooking temperatures so it is important that you keep your grill at a moderate temperature at all times. This can be achieved by following indirect cooking.

2. Seasoning your Grill

Dry run your grill for a good two or three times way before your grill your first batch. This helps you understand the grilling temperatures and you get a better grip on controlling the temperature.

3. Setup for a Gas Grill

If you’re planning on getting yourself a gas grill, you’d want to look into the following things to get you going.

– It is advisable to keep your grill clean at all times. Residue pieces will burn under the incessant flame and will give your food an odd flavor.
– Control flare ups by constantly checking the burner.
– Heat and sugar are arch enemies. If you’re using a sugar based sauce, be sure you keep an eye on the meat at all times.
– Keep a check on the amount of fuel you have left. You don’t want the tank to get empty mid-way.

4. Setup for a Charcoal Grill

Empty old ash if any and clean the grates. Pre-heat your grill grates before cooking as it will prevent the food from sticking on them. Dip a paper towel in some cooking oil and oil up the grates thoroughly. Your grill charcoal is now ready for cooking that amazing BBQ meal.

5. Whether to lid it or not?

Lid is essential if you’re cooking outdoors. It helps trap moisture and help in the cooking process thus reducing the risk of your food burning. The rule of thumb is to leave the food without lid if it is 3/4″ or less. Leave the lid off when you are cooking thin foods like or skirt steak.

6. What to add in the water pan.

If your smoker comes without one, you can add it yourself. You can add water, wine or beer in it. You can also get creative with the liquid to impart the flavours in your dish.

7. Don’t forget to have fun!

BBQ is a fun affair. It’s not only for dads who love a little outdoor cooking. Let loose and involve all your family members to cook the dish you’ll enjoy eating later.


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