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7 Gluten-Free Mains For This Weeks Dinner


Whether you’re into healthy eating, clean diets, or junk-binging, you’ve got to admit there’s nothing that feels better than light eating – the kind that comes from gluten-free foods. For everyone out there who loves a light and clean meal, or is looking to go the gluten-free way, there are some awesome recipes you can enjoy without having to feel like you’re missing out on the “non gluten-free” foods. And, for everyone who thinks healthy eating and gluten-free foods are boring, think again. We’ve found some lip-smacking gluten-free recipes for an awesome and clean dinner! Enjoy!


1. Roasted Chicken Dinner For One

For those of you that like being alone and spending the night indoors on the couch, this meal is perfect for you. A simple gluten-free dinner like this one will have you looking forward to more meals like this through the week! Make a fabulous dinner of Roasted Chicken Breasts with Tomatoes and Baby Potatoes, and a simple Tuscan Kale Caeser Salad.


2. Mini Burger Salad

How fun does a mini burger salad sound? Learn how to create a fun, gluten-free meal that consists of a fun and bright California-inspired salad and delicious mini burger patties. The salad is made with some carrots, radishes, avocados, and jalapenos – all adding to a great blast of flavour!


3. Jerk Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe for shepherd’s pie is fun and simple to make. Unlike a regular shepherd’s pie, this dish is made with a jerk seasoned chicken stew with some veggies and black beans that give it a Carribean twist. A mash of sweet potatoes and plantains blended together tops this dish off in place of regular mashed potatoes, making this dish super exotic too. So if you’re looking for something different for dinner this week, this one’s worth trying.


4. Healthy Dinner Tacos

Tacos don’t just go gluten-free in this recipe. They go soy-free and meat-free too! Well, if you can’t live without meat in your meal, you can always add a little bit of your favourite cooked meat. This recipe calls for some meatless crumbles, however, you can substitute it with some soy chunks.


5. Gluten-Free Pizza

This one’s a light pizza that you can feast on all night long! Enjoy this recipe for a fast and easy gluten-free vegetarian pizza. What’s special about this recipe is that the pizza dough is made with cauliflower and it is absolutely delicious. You can enjoy this perfectly baked pizza with a good homemade tomato sauce.


6. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Enjoy this classic Italian treat with a gluten-free twist! Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce – a dish that is guaranteed to treat your taste buds with plenty of flavour. Are you ready?


7. Greek Burger with Lamb

Here’s a fabulous recipe for Lamb Burger and Lemon Aioli complimented with potato wedges. Enjoy beautiful Greek flavours with this one!


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