7 Gifts To Get the Foodie Dad This Father’s Day

For those of you who didn’t know, or forgot (don’t worry we won’t judge you) Father’s day is this Sunday! Yes, that’s just around the corner. But don’t fret if you are totally flustered as to what to get him. We’ve got you covered with a list of food gifts that your dad will love, and use regularly, so he’s always reminded of how much you appreciate him! These gifts can be found easily at any department store or gift shop, and can also be ordered online, although we would recommend hitting the ‘speed delivery’ option.  


Coffee Mugs


Every dad needs a good cup of coffee or tea to start their day off and with that fact comes a very real need for a mug. You can get an assortment of cute and classy coffee mugs that can correspond with your dad’s many moods and unique personality. 

Beer Mugs


Just like coffee, sometimes dads just need to unwind with a pint of beer, so why not help him expand his assorted drink glasses collection? A beer mug is perfect!


Hip Flasks


For the swanky dad who likes to have his own stash of liquor when he’s at events, a hip flask is the way to go. How else if anyone supposed to get through excruciatingly long family events without it anyway?





Monica from FRIENDS isn’t the only one who hates water rings. With all these mugs filling the coffee table comes a very real need for some coasters. Your dad will thank you later for helping him not destroy all the furniture.


Portable Grill


If your dad loves his meat and roasted vegetables, a portable grill is the way to go. Its small, compact, and he can take it anywhere it goes which he will really appreciate on beach days and spontaneous trips to the park.




For the dad that love to cook for his family, an apron will be the perfect gift! Not only will he appreciate the fact that you got him something he can use regularly, it’s also a confirmation that you like his food and want him to cook more.




Maybe you need to do two jobs at once. Sure your dad loves to cook but you also kind of wish he’d stop experimenting with flavors that really don’t go together. A cookbook is a gift that is easy to find and a great way to hit two birds with one stone.