7 Game Of Thrones Recipes To Whip Up This Winter

Winter has finally arrived, just like the Starks predicted it would. Speaking of the Starks, a Game of Thrones teaser has just been released and it hints at a reunion of three of the Stark children.

Excited much? So are we. To fuel our excitement, and theories, we’ve rounded up some of the best Game Of Thrones recipes we’ve whipped up over the past few months. Have a Game of Thrones themed party this weekend and enjoy discussing your theories about what Season 7 will offer.

Mulled Wine

The Game of Thrones characters are always drinking wine; wine, in fact, is what messed up King Robert’s hunt and subsequently leads to his death. Make some mulled wine at home, but be sure not to drink too much!


‘Boar’ with Mushrooms and Apples 

After King Robert died, the boar which killed him was served at his funeral feast. According to Cersei, “it tasted like triumph”. Taste triumph yourself with this recipe.


Tears of Lys

While it’s not an official food or drink, the Tears of Lys play an important role in the show. Cersei procures some from the Maester just before the battle at King’s Landing. And, it’s what was used to kill Jon Arryn; an event which arguably set all the other events in motion. Make the ‘poison’ using this recipe.


Kidney Pie

Hot Pie serves Brienne and Podrick Payne a kidney pie at an inn when they’re looking for Arya and Sansa. He gives them specific instructions on how to make a kidney pie; ” A good kidney pie is all about the ingredients. Flour, lard, water, eggs, milk – easy enough. But the meat? Peacetime or not, getting your hands on a good bottom round steak and calves’ kidneys is not easy. I mean, some people settle for plain old beef kidneys. Got no right to cook anything, them. Oh, and the gravy! Don’t get me started on the gravy. Very difficult to get right. See, a lot of people give up on the gravy. You cannot give up on the gravy. No gravy, no pie – Simple as that.” Sounds delicious, does it not? Head here for the recipe.


Rabbit Stew

Arya and the Hound enjoy some delicious rabbit stew when they dine with Sally and her father near Fairmet. Try making some at home with this recipe.

Rabbit and cabbage stew in a pan

Faux Pigeon Pie

At Margarey and Joffery’s wedding, Jofferey cuts through a pigeon pie with his new sword. Later, Lollys tells Bronn she wants a pigeon pie at their wedding. While that wedding never happened, you can make a faux pigeon pie yourself using duck.


Honeyed Chicken

Ghost enjoys some honeyed chicken when Jon flicks some on the floor: “Hungry again?’ he asked. There was still half a honeyed chicken in the center of the table. Jon reached out to tear off a leg, then had a better idea. He knifed the bird whole and let the carcass slide to the floor between his legs. Ghost ripped into it in savage silence.” We imagine this chicken will make a savage out of you too; say goodbye to polite table manners and just dig in. Here’s the recipe.



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