7 French Recipes To Take You Over The Moon

The French folk have a gorgeous way of going about with their food and wine, a fact that Julia Child would totally agree upon. Right from their basic materials to the final preparation, everything is on point. There is hardly anything about French cooking and French cuisine that sets it eloquently apart from the rest of the European cuisines. Here are some of our favorite French dishes for an evening full of fine wine and dine.



  1. French Onion Chicken


  1. Ratatouille

Just like the way Anton Ego’s mom made!


  1. Nutella Crepe Cakenutella-crepe-cake


  1. Classic BriocheClassic Brioche Recipe


  1. Cheese Soufflé


  1. Crème Caramel

Like some flavor in your dessert? Here’s how you can make a delicious lavender crème caramel.Classic crème caramel Recipe


  1. Crème BrûléeCrème brûlée Recipe