7 Foods That Last Forever, Almost Forever!

Foods that live forever

Whether you are preparing your monthly grocery list or preparing for the end of the world these items should be on your know-how list. These have a very long shelf life and no matter what, you’ll want to keep this little piece of info handy.



Pure honey was used to sweeten and preserve foods before the world was introduced to white and brown cane sugars. At most, your honey will crystallise over time but that is easily remedied by simply placing the jar in a warm bath and stirring its contents till the crystals dissolve. Remember honey has a long shelf life only if you close the lid tight and store it in a cool, dry place.



Rice has an indefinite shelf life when kept away from any contaminants. If you have had the chance to go to villages and see how they store rice, boric powder and neem leaves are a couple of the most common ways.


 Several types of white sugar - refined sugar and granulated suga

Sugar is a natural preservative. The only problem you will have with sugar is that it might turn into a rock if there is humidity in the air. Keep in an air tight container in a cool place and sugar will never spoil or turn into a rock.



‘Wine gets better as it ages,’ well at least it won’t spoil for some years if opened. But if left unopened there will be no spoiling, unless the contents of the wine bottle create conditions for it to spoil. But distilled spirits such as rum, whiskey, gin and tequila don’t spoil even if you’ve opened the bottle. Just remember to seal the lid shut tight after use.



If stored in the fridge maple syrup can last long. You can even freeze maple syrup in air-tight containers if you want it to last longer.



Pure vanilla extract will never spoil. All you have to do is store it in a tightly sealed jar in a cool dark place. This is also why pure vanilla extract is often packaged in dark jars.



Salt, the table salt kind or sea salt, will never spoil. Another natural preservative like sugar, all you have to do is store it in a tightly sealed container and keep it away from moisture and humidity.