7 Food Related Words You Should be Hash Tagging to Establish your Social Media Food Presence

Nowadays, innocent words that have retained the same spellings for decades find an extra character added to them. The hashtag (#). This once innocuous symbol is now almost single-handedly responsible for the amount of hits that a tweet, an Instagram picture or even a Facebook post receives. For you foodies that are still trying to navigate the chaos that is social media, we’ve put together a list of the most common words related to food that are hash tagged, so that the photographs, recipes and food memories that you are sharing will get the attention that they deserve. Here goes:


Place a hashtag before this simple word and you’ll have ten times more people looking at your post. In 2013, Huffington Post compiled data released from Instagram and concluded that “#Food” appeared in 27,409,451 photos across Instagram. Imagine what that number would be now. 


Honestly, this one sort of gives me the creeps. But, the rest of the world doesn’t think so: “#FoodPorn” accompanies thousands of delicious looking, drool worthy photographs of all kinds of food. 

#Nomnom (nomnom)



This word is used to describe the sounds you make as you slurp down some delicious grub. Depending on the levels of deliciousness, you add extra “Nomnoms” to the original “Nomnom.” Most popular is the use of three noms, so add a “#nomnomnom” to your photograph of you’re the pancakes you had for breakfast and you’ll get instant appreciation. 




This is a title people give to themselves when they consider themselves the true lovers of food. Of course, with the amount of people hash tagging this word, it’s hard to establish who the true foodies are. But, if you’re reading this then we’ll allow you to hashtag yourself as one. Go right ahead!


This word was hash tagged to allow like-minded plant eaters to reach out to each other and affirm that there is a place that they belong. If you’re on the vegan or vegetarian train, but all your friends are still at the carnivorous station of their lives, then add a hashtag to vegetarian and vegan  and revel in the ‘likes’ from other vegans and vegetarians. 


It’s fairly self-explanatory why this hash tagged word is so popular. People want to share their delicious food. You want to see delicious food, so you’re motivated to put on something other than pajamas and go get your own fill of delicious food. Simple. 




Gone are the days when your grandmother’s lamb stew recipe was the family’s most precious secret. Now, social media users everywhere happily share every recipe that they can lay their hands on by hash tagging “recipe”.