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7 Food Combinations That Give You Great Nutrition


1.Yoghurt With Sliced Bananas

Nutrient Duo: Protein and Potassium. Combining the potassium found in bananas with high protein foods like yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) helps build muscle and replenish amino acids that are depleted during exercise.

3.Carrots and Creamy Hummus

Nutrient Duo: Healthy Carbs and Protein. Choosing snacks that combine protein and healthy carbs can help to curb hunger and give you an extra boost of energy.

3.Avocado with Salsa

Nutrient Duo: Healthy Fats and Carotenoids. Adding healthy fats, like those found in avocados, can maximize the protective benefits. One study in the Journal of Nutrition found that eating avocado with salsa boosted the absorption of lycopene — a carotenoid in tomatoes — by almost five times.

4. Eggs with any kind of Cheese

Nutrient Duo: Vitamin D and Calcium. Your body needs vitamin D to absorb bone-strengthening calcium, but the nutrient is available in very few foods naturally.

5.Leafy Greens and Olive Oil

Nutrient Duo: Vitamin K and Good Fats. Because the vitamin is fat-soluble, your body can’t absorb it as effectively without eating some fat at the same time. That’s why you should always combine healthy fats.

6.Strawberries and Spinach

Nutrient Duo: Vitamin C and Iron. Combining vegetarian sources of iron with vitamin C–rich foods like citrus fruits helps to enhance the uptake of this important mineral.

7.Raw Veggies and Boiled Eggs

Research suggested that the protein-packed topping may help increase the nutritive properties of raw vegetables.

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