7 Food Bans That Raised More Eyebrows Than Awareness

A government will do anything and everything in its power for the good of its people. But often it happens that the authority’s and the public’s definition of ‘good’ is nothing alike.

Bans seem to be the new ‘it’ thing all over the headlines and more often than not we end up wither shaking our heads in dismay or simply laughing till we drop! Here are 7 food bans around the world that made less sense than the iOS Bluetooth.


  1. Kinder Eggs

Kids in the US of A are devoid of the beauty of Kinder Eggs. Why you ask? Turns out the US Customs and Border Protection does not agree with the concept of the snacks and is not too comfy in letting kids near it as it contain a non-nutritive objet (yes, the toy).kinder


  1. Chyawanprash

The Indian winter is incomplete without downing ladles of this nutritious mix every morning. The Canadian Government begs to differ. The country claims that the product contains high amounts of mercury and lead which is anything but healthy. They obviously don’t know about the one with Sona-Chandi (gold and silver).easy-to-make-chyawanprash-recipe.1024x1024


  1. Raw Milk

The Eastern Hemisphere must be crazy to devour raw milk because it so happens that a chunk of US and Canada doesn’t agree. Raw or unpasteurized milk is not welcomed in the two countries over health concerns.milk


  1. Ketchup

When if France, you might get ridiculed for a “can I get some ketchup with that?” French experts are not fans of this preserved tomato puree, as they believe it poses a threat to traditional French cooking among the young ones. The sauce apparently ‘masks the taste of whatever they are eating’.1280-2-liquiglide-ketchup-bottle


  1. Nestlé Maggi

Ah! This one. The Indian subcontinent still flinches a bit with pain at the mention of Maggi. The country’s most loved instant noodle faced a heavy ban in 2015 due to unhealthy MSG and lead contents. But much to everyone’s delight, Nestlê has trashed all allegations and is planning a comeback by the end of this year.maggi


  1. Samosa

Wait, what? Munched the world over, this deep fried stuufed snack failed to impress the al-Shabaab group of Somalia. The group deemed the samosa as ‘offensive’ and wait-for-it ‘too Christian’. Ok so, what do they have with their tea then?rsz_459883-samosa-by-tarla-dalal


  1. Marmite

The English parents just went “Are you having a laugh?” Given that Marmite is not a delicious delight (for most of us anyway), it’s nutritive qualities are undeniable. Ironically, that’s exactly what Denmark doesn’t agree with. The country claims that Marmite defies a 2004 food law that inhibits food products enriched with vitamins. Blimey!marmite_1906152b