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7 Fish Recipes for a Fin-tastic Weekend


Grab your fishing rods, reels, and hooks because you’ve got some fishing to do to make it past this weekend! We’ve rounded up some delicious Fish recipes that you can prepare this weekend and impress your people with!

Indian-Style Fish Curry


This video shows you how to make tasty white fish fillets with a spicy Indian fish curry sauce. The fillets are baked in a flavourful ginger, garlic, onion, and cashew puree, with cayenne, turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic, and Dijon mustard adding serious flavour and spice. It’s a traditional Bengali preparation, and works great with all kinds of white fish: cod, tilapia, and sole, whatever you like. You can serve it on a steaming bed of rice and we guarantee there’s nothing quite like it!

Fish and Chips


This Mauritian born chef and winner of MasterChef 2012 has an alternative and extraordinary fish and chip recipe for you! She uses a lovely descaled whole sea bream and steeps it in a colourful spicy marinade baked with seasoned chunky potato wedges until crisp and delicious. Served with a zesty crème fraiche tartar sauce this is the perfect dish to share with your friends!

Authentic Goan Fish Curry


Cooked in a spice paste of chilli and coconut with the tang of fruity tamarind and sweet onion, this iconic dish uses Kashmiri Chillies as the key ingredient. This dish uses some classic ingredients from the region from fresh coconut to tamarind for a robust, yet fresh and fragrant flavour. It’s all about cracking spices, squishing garlic and bashing ginger and slicing chillies. This thick fish curry reinvented is a classic you will just love.

Fish Tacos


In this video the ever-chirpy Donal Skehan shows you how to make fish tacos with a fresh cod fillet marinated in a spicy dry rub consisting of cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, oregano, and garlic powder. Served alongside this fiery charred bits of fish is the humble guacamole and tomato salsa! Construction is key, guys. You can enjoy this dish any day and is incredibly easy to make. Make tacos not war!

Mediterranean fish stew


This video shows you how to make a bowlful of hearty and healthy fish stew that you can munch on this weekend. The process of stewing fish is nothing similar to stewing tough cuts of meat. It cooks through faster making the whole agonising wait for food short-lived. Cooked with roughly chopped bits of fresh vegetables and a mixture of flavourful spices this gorgeous fish stew is perfect to serve with some basil, crusty bread and a good book!

Moroccan Fish Bake


In this video the Sorted cooking band of boys show you how to prepare a buttery baked fish caked in couscous, a blend of spices, stained bright red with a North-African smoked chilli marinate and by infusing mild sweetness with some raisins and apricots. Looking to eat some feel-good food this weekend? Here’s your answer!

Tuna Burgers


Watch this video to learn how to make quick-and-easy fish patties that are a great alternative to beef burgers and every bit as tasty—excellent served on a bun topped with tartar sauce or on a bed of greens with a simple remoulade sauce. So get set cooking, these effortlessly delicious burgers won’t cook themselves!