7 Fabulous Helpings Of French Fries In Chennai To Binge On This Weekend

Thank god it’s Friday! That means the weekend is almost here and we can’t help but think about what we’re going to be binging on. This time, we’ve decided – fries. Aren’t they simply awesome? Classic salted fries are great when you’re looking to turn to junk food for comfort, but what’s better is a plate of fries that come with more than just the potato. A little cheese, a little chicken maybe, a little spice, and all things nice, are just what you need to make your weekend complete! Here are some great places to grab the perfect plate of french fries in Chennai, and who cares if you’re on a diet. Calories don’t count on the weekend! 


1. Spiced French Fries – Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory 


With two outlets in the city and the benefit of all-day dining, Sandy’s allows you to fix that spice craving with some delicious fries anytime! 


2. Mexican Cheese Fries – Lloyd’s Tea House, Alwarpet


Mexican flavours on fries are great, and you’ll know that for sure when you get a helping of these fries that are dressed with cream and salsa!


3. Tandoori Chicken Fries – Double Roti

double roti

You read that right. Tandoori Chicken Fries are a thing now, thanks to Double Roti. And they’re the best things to feast on!


4. Disco Fries – Etc Café


Aptly named, this helping of fries will make you want to dance a little with a generous serving of chicken or beef ragout placed over the fries. Delicious! 


5. Sweet Potato Fries – Crisp Café


Nowhere else in the city would you find sweet potato fries, or anything better. They’re flavoured beautifully and melt in your mouth like magic!


6. Cheesy Gooey Fries with Sausage Bits – Brick House Bistro


If you love cheese, like, lots and lots of cheese, then this is what you should be having. Oh, and did we mention those little sausage bits in there? Yum!


7. Manhattan French Fries – New Yorker

new yorker

This is quite a treat for someone who loves creamy, cheesy fries. These french fries are dressed with cheese sauce, salsa, and sour cream. Enjoy!




Image credits: Zomato, and database.