7 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants In Bengaluru Where Every Rupee Spent Is Worth It

We foodies are always on the hunt for new and exciting food and restaurants. However, if you truly want to feel like a king or queen, or make your loved ones and (or) your significant other feel like royalty, you definitely must these luxury restaurants in Bengaluru. Even though they maybe some of the most expensive restaurants in Bengaluru, these extravagant culinary affairs will leave you and your loved ones feeling like a million bucks.

Le Cirque Signature


most expensive restaurants bengaluru cirque

As made obvious by the name, this restaurant serves authentic, traditional, and classic Italian and French food. Whether you’re indulging in a full-fledged three course meal, going the mile extra for a five-course meal or just digging into desserts while sipping your favourite drink, le cirque signature will leave you glowing with happiness.

Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs


Known for it’s classy ambience, and elegant interiors, grab your loved ones and head over here to have mouth-watering kebabs and biryani. You are bound to feel like not just any other king, but a royal Mughal one!



Take a short and exquisite trip to the culinary landscape of Europe. Whether you indulge in a lavish seven-course meal, or taste some of the delectable treats from the menu, the food will mesmerize your tastebuds. And the best part is that all your food will be served while you sit outside and enjoy the breeze.



Italian cuisine sigifies authenticity and simplicity. It you’re looking for genuine Italian food, visit Bene. The food is fresh, and flavoursome. Being located in the World Trade Center, the feeling you get while diging into your meal here – whether inside the restaurant or on the rooftop – is unparallel.



European and medeterranean food at its best. Treat your senses to the best of every world – from the tasteful decor, to the aromatic and flavoursome food, this is one dining experience you do not want to miss.



Fancy a quiet evening, full of warmth, and very little background noise? You’ve found the right place. And, double the luck if you love Italian food! Clasis Italian food, with subtle flavour and authenticity will leave you satisfied and happy.

Rim Naam


One of the most celebrated thai restaurants in Bangalore. Not only is the food aromatic and delicious, but the open ambience makes for it to be the perfect place to go on a date with your significant other.