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7 Exotic Ways To Use Up Last Night’s Leftover Rice


Leftovers are good only if it’s a party because here’s nothing tastier than re-heated fancy party food and also because leftover plain rice is not half as exciting as leftover butter chicken. Well that’s about to change with these exotic recipes that’ll give your rice a complete makeover!


  1. Italian Tuna & Rice Salad

Toss up a healthy Italian salad by just adding some tuna and veggies to your rice.


  1. Wild Rice Stuffing

This baked rice stuffing is the perfect for completing a wholesome poultry dinner – stuffed chicken, stuffed turkey – or just to stuff into vegetables to a make a sumptuous veggie dish.


  1. Rice Balls

Sauté some meat and veggies and ball them up with your left over rice. Batter up and deep fry to perfection!


  1. Rice & Besan Pancake

Here’s how you make last night’s dinner into this morning’s healthy breakfast!


  1. Cajun Style Dirty Rice

All you need is a dirty rice mix, fresh greens and your favorite meat and you have yourself a whole new dish!


  1. Nasi Goreng

Satiate your taste bud and wallet with this budget recipe to cook up a portion of delicious Nasi Goreng.


  1. Curried Rice Salad

Is it curry, is it rice or is it a salad? Confuse your palate as you dig into this decadent rice salad.



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