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7 Essential Equipments Required to Sanitise Your Restaurant


sanitise your restaurant

7 Essential Equipments Required to Sanitise Your Restaurant

Having a cleaner and safer environment has become more important than ever. When the world was trying to get back to normal, normal took a different meaning during the time. It has become absolutely necessary to undertake every necessary precaution to avoid the contraction of this deadly disease. Restaurants and other public places have started to re-open amidst the on-going pandemic. So it is of high priority that you deeply sanitise your restaurant everyday to create a safe environment so that the guests can relax without worry when they visit. Even before the pandemic, 75% of diners wouldn’t bother to visit a restaurant with bad reviews of its cleanliness. So let’s get to work!

How to Do Your Deep Cleaning

The Government has already released a set of instructions and guidelines on how to keep a restaurant clean and hygienic if one wants to open it. It is advised that you must wash, rinse, and sanitize all surfaces that come in contact with food at any time. While cleaning, you get rid of the unwanted littered food and other visible germs. Sanitizing is a step up. It fights surface-level pathogens like a virus on utensils or the table surface which is not visible to our naked eyes. Due to the rising concerns of the pandemic not slowing down, it is in our hands to put our health, first and foremost in our priority list. And when you own a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, it is an undeniable statement that you are responsible for your guests’ safety while they walk in. And that is why deep sanitise your restaurant once in a month at least to get rid of all the unwanted substances from the restaurant. Deep cleaning goes beyond the regular precautions that you take to clean your restaurant after a long day. It is the process of cleaning every corner of the wall or ceiling or every set of cutleries you own. It takes patience and a lot of time to do that. It is important to deep sanitise your restaurant even if the whole team is healthy because you can’t possibly know when the lightning will strike. Deep cleaning can even be done by hiring a cleaning company if you find it difficult to do it yourself. 

7 Essential Equipments

  • Wipes

Wipes are the new cloth of saviour. While there are dry wipes and wet wipes, wet wipes meet the expectations precisely when it comes to cleaning the place flawlessly. Wipes are way too essential for restaurant quick cleaning which can be used to quickly wipe the table off of any dirt before and after the comes in and leaves. It is also necessary to wipe and clean groceries got from the market and before leaving them in the fridge.

  • Sanitisers

There is no one outside now without a good bottle of sanitizer in their hands. It is very crucial for any restaurant to provide a sanitizer bottle at each table or at least one at the entrance of the restaurant and make sure that the guests are applying it before coming in.   

  • Gloves

Generally, restaurants involves lot of personal contact, right from preparing the food and then serving it, it includes a lot of intimate contact. Gloves can be a good solution to avoid this. Wearing clean santised gloves during cooking and serving will reduce personal contact with the members of the restaurant and the guests.

  • Masks

Th importance of wearing the mask rightly is advised to us so many times and yet some don’t seem to understand the significance of it. Although wearing a mask at a restaurant sounds illogical, it is necessary that all the staff members are wearing one to sanitise your restaurant. You can also choose to not allow people inside your restaurant who come without wearing a mask in a aim to keep your restaurant hygienic for your inmates.

  • Head cover

Another equipment to help minimize the personal contact in restaurants and keep the surface clean from any microscopic germs is by wearing a head cover. It is very necessary to take all precautionary steps in the restaurant to allow the customers to reside in a safe space inside your four walls. 

  • Disinfectant liquid

Disinfectant liquids are a must. Stock your cupboards with multiple bottles because this is the time you will need it more than you ever did. Being a public space which normally experiences frequent visitations of people, it is very necessary to wipe the floors, clean the door handles and other frequently touched places with disinfectant liquid within specific time intervals to sanitise your restaurant and to continue having a good hygienic place.

  • Handwash 

Handwashes are generally provided in restaurants to clean your hands after eating. But right now the demand is not only just to have a non-sticky flowery smelling hands post eating but a handwash which can clean you hands of germs and food. Without a germ killing handwash in your restaurant, you will be under a risk of ignorance.

A Cleaner and Safer Restaurant is a Better Restaurant 

The criteria for Michelin Stars among the people has changed now. More than tasty foods, people just want to eat healthy food from a hygienic place, i.e., sanitise your restaurant. The past year has been terrible for many and also intensely for the restaurant owners with the announcement of lockdown. As public places and restaurants are opening now, we are dreading with our feet outside to be safe at all times. Once restaurants were a place of relaxation but now it is a place of fear due to the risks involved in it but so is the other public buildings. The only way to get away from this situation is to adapt to the change together and following the rules and guidelines. With these cleaning equipments in your restaurant, you will be well prepared to lead your restaurant into its next chapter. The way you sanitise your restaurant is critical to maintaining your brand reputation so now let us get to work and tackle this!

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