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Fast Food

7 Embarrassing Fast Food Fails nobody wants to talk about


Oops. We messed up. Could we cover it up with some fries?

Nobody wants to talk about the Arch Deluxes, Priazzos or the Superbars. In such a “fast” paced world, who’s got time to explain why they spent $150 million on advertising for the burger that would fail miserably? Let’s let soggy fries be soggy. We love you, fast food. You, with your fries, ketchup, burgers and mistakes and all.  

1. The Priazzo from Pizza Hut was a Fia(z)co.


In 1985 Pizza Hut decided to make a pizza that would resemble the Deep Dish Pizza. $15 million was thrown into marketing and two crusts were topped with cheese and meat to make the Priazzo. It was pulled out after a few years because it just took too long to make. 

2. Break- fast or Break- slow?

Burger King Introduces New "Enormous" Sandwich 

Burger King launched a breakfast sandwich with an omelette, cheese, bacon and sausages. Phew. I just felt something clog up inside. The sandwich had to be pulled off the menu because it was JUST TOO MUCH for breakfast.  

3. Domi- doesn’t seem to “No” after all.


Domino’s launched an Oreo dessert pizza in 2007. Crushed Oreos’, vanilla sauce on a huge cookie crust. Poof! Gone, just like that, off the menu. 

4. What’s the deal with the De-luxe?


McDonalds launched an Arch Deluxe after spending nearly $150 million on marketing. The Deluxe was a split top burger bun, peppered bacon, lettuce, Spanish onions, quarter pounder and mustard-mayo sauce. What went wrong? Nothing. Just that nobody loved it as much as Mcdonalds.

5. King-Sized Service


Burger King decided that they would serve customers at their tables from 5 pm to 8 pm at their tables. “But, but, but, I want to stand at the counter and inhale the fry-roma. Why would you take that away from me?”. Beep. Next. 

6.  Mcdonalds gives you wings


Mcdonalds introduced their fried wings to compete with other fast food giants. What they didn’t foresee was that their suppliers could run out on them. By the time a new supplier was found and more wings were ordered, people didn’t care so much for them. This idea has to fly off the menu after that. 

7. It’s salad. No, it’s a bar. No, it’s the Wendy’s Superbar!

 wendys salad bar

Wendy’s threw some Mexican, a bit of pasta and some fruits into their Salad bar to make it Super. Thing is, nobody had the time to fill this “super” bar. Just what we needed. An empty bar. It was just barred after that.