7-Eleven Launches A Vibrant New Skittles Flavored Slurpee

Like 7-Eleven’s Slurpee? Love Skittles? Head straight over to your nearest 7-Eleven outlet. The convenience store has added a delicious new Slurpee flavor, which you will absolutely love if you’re a Green Apple Skittles fan.

The Green Apple Skittles Slurpee is a delightful hybrid of the candy and the convenience store’s signature slushy beverage. An this is not the first time when 7-eleven is serving up the lovechild of a candy and its Slurpee. A little while ago, the chain of stores rolled out a yummy range of Sour Patch Kids Slurpee flavors.

sour patch slurpeeImage: Refinery29

Available at all 7-Eleven outlets, the bright green Slurpee is just what you need to instantly lift your mood with a sweet sweet sugar rush. And what’s more? From September 12 through September 18, you can also buy one Slurpee and get the second free. Just in case you want a brain freeze along with that sugar rush.

With fall already taking over all major beverage menus, it is a refreshing change to see that some people still care about our Summer-to-Fall transition needs!

Feature Image: YouTube