7 Dunkin Donuts Customised For the Tamil Police

Dear Dunkin Donuts, all you have to do is use these prototypes and work your usual magic and you’ll have Police cars pulling up. 

1.Donut 65

Chicken 65 Donut

2.Thirunelveli Irruttu Kadai Halwa Donut

Halwa Donut

3.Kim Tai’s Chilli Panneer Donut

Chilli Paneer Donut

4.Ritchie Street’s Rose Milk Donut

Rose Milk Donuts

5.Beach Molaga Bajji Donut

Molaga Bajji Donut

6.Sweety’s Punjabi Samosa Donut

Punjabi Donut

7.Sowcarpet Boondi Laddoo Donut

Boondi Donut