7 Drinks To Down When You’re Down In The Dumps

We all know the temptation to head to a bar and down a few beers or glasses of scotch after a bad day. When you’re sad sometimes you believe the only way to escape your problems is to reach the bottom of a few glasses; drown your sorrows, as they say. Fight that temptation, and get yourself a glass of these drinks instead. Unlike alcohol, which is a depressant they will help you climb out of that slump.

Green Tea


Green tea has gained a massive fan following worldwide with good reason. It has antioxidants that will help cleanse your system of toxins. Matcha tea promotes relaxation while at the same time getting rid of lethargy, which is a side effect of depression. A study conducted by Public Health Nutrition found that those who drank higher amounts of green tea displayed lower levels of depression.

Turmeric Tea or Milk


Turmeric has been considered to be on par with Prozac for its mood enhancing effects in some studies. Buy a packet of turmeric tea or mix some in a glass of milk if you’re having trouble falling asleep at night; it’s guaranteed to help.

Vanilla Bean Drink


Legend has it that vanilla beans have aphrodisiac qualities, which are sure to get you into a good mood! Mix vanilla beans into a glass of milk and you’ll be feeling better in no time.



Fruit and vegetable smoothies contain vitamins and proteins that, if had often, will drastically improve your mood. “Smoothies that are rich in antioxidants are helpful in combating depression,” Dr Verma of Synergistiq Health told The Daily Meal.

Berry Juices


Berries can help fight stress. When you’re feeling frazzled or overworked, throw a handful of berries in a juicer and allow the juice to calm you down.

Chia Juices


Chia seeds are a super food with good reason. They are rich in fatty acids and proteins that will chase that lethargy away.

Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey tea blends create large amounts of Begamot which boosts calmness and combats anxiety for a good while after you have it.