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7 DIY Tips For Flavoured Mayonnaise


Don’t you just love mayonnaise? This simple condiment has proven worthy in so many occasions, coming in handy and helping you out with quick fixes and last minute preparations. Would you like to make mayonnaise at home? Here’s a simple recipe for that.
A jar of mayonnaise becomes everything to you when you want to fix a quick salad, or make a light, veggie sandwich. It even becomes the prime ingredient in dishes like devilled eggs and coleslaw, so mayo is pretty much an essential. While it’s just about perfect when you’re having that juicy hot dog or making that fresh coleslaw to go with your barbecue, sometimes a little bit of flavour in your mayonnaise can make it more special. Flavoured mayonnaise would go well with different kinds of foods, like fried foods, and even as a sandwich spread or a dip. Check out these 7 amazing DIY tips for flavoured mayonnaise that you can make at home anytime! It is super simple to make and only takes seconds! All you need to do is gather the given ingredients for each flavour and mix them in a bowl.


Here’s what we’re making for flavoured mayonnaise:

1. Mustard Mayo
You will need: Mustard sauce to taste, 3/4 cup mayo

2. Curry Mayo
You will need: 2tsp curry powder, 3/4 cup mayo

3. Cilantro Mayo
You will need: 2tsp coriander powder, 3/4 cup mayo

4. Italian Mayo
You will need: 1tsp chili flakes, 1tsp oregano, 3/4 cup mayo

5. Pepper Mayo
You will need: 1tsp black pepper powder, 3/4 cup mayo

6. Honey Mustard Mayo
You will need: 2tsp honey, 1tsp mustard sauce, 3/4 cup mayo

7. Citrus Mayo
You will need: 1 lime, 3/4 cup mayo


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