7 Disney Recipes For A Throwback To Your Childhood

Happy Saturday, foodies! We know exactly how you can have a great weekend; whip up some Disney inspired recipes and have a themed party. It’ll take you straight back to childhood; we promise!


Alice In Wonderland Eat Me Cake Recipe

The ‘Eat Me’ cake is an iconic cake in Alice In Wonderland. Eating it causes Alice to balloon up, after which she bursts into tears. Eat an almost magical Eat Me cake by trying this recipe.



Snow White Gooseberry Pie Recipe

Snow White is a Disney classic. While you may associate Snow White with apples, we also remember gooseberry pie when we’re thinking about the movie. Snow White whipped up a gooseberry pie in one scene in the movie with seemingly little effort and help from her furry friends. Make your own pie with this recipe.


Ratatouille Recipe

Apart from being an internationally loved animated movie, Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, which originated in Nice. Make your own ratatouille using this recipe.


The Princess and The Frog Tiana’s Beignets Recipe

Tiana makes beignets for a ball in order to earn money to but a restaurant. Beignets are the French name for deep fried choux pastries made using sugar, bread flour and evaporated milk. Make your own using this recipe.


Lady and The Tramp Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

One of the most iconic scenes in cartoon movie history is when Lady and the Tramp share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and end up kissing. If you have a date, this would be the best meal to make!


The Jungle Book Fruit Salad Recipe

The Jungle Book is a personal favorite Disney movie. While there’s never any dishes being served, Baloo sings about bananas in the Bear Necessities. Inspired by that, we created a recipe for a fresh fruit salad.


The Princess Diaries Mint Sorbet Recipe

Based on the Meg Cabot novels, The Princess Diaries is a movie about a typical New York teenagers who’s suddenly told she’s a heir to the Genovian throne. The movie has some hilarious moments as Brooklyn born and bred Mia struggles to acclimatize herself with fancy dinners and royal etiquette. One scene that had us cracking up was when Mia, the Prime Minister of Genovia and his wife all took large spoonfuls of mint sorbet, bemusing the whole dinner table as they coped with the cold. Make your own mint sorbet with this recipe.