7 Destinations For Prefect Hash Browns In Mumbai

We’ve got a bit of a weakness for hash browns. No matter the posh breakfast options you give us – even if it involves a Waffle Croque Madame or a fruit stuffed crepe, we’ll always order a side of comforting hash browns. With the onset of the monsoons, we thought we’d share our favourite hash brown destinations across the city; have them with a cup of piping hot tea for a brilliant breakfast.

Salt Water Cafe  


While Salt Water Cafe is better known for its sangrias,  their hot, crispy hash browns are also a must try.

Aromas Cafe  


Have your eggs at Aromas Cafe with a side of hash browns or vice versa for a satisfying, indulgent breakfast.

Tea Villa Cafe


This cozy cafe in Villa Parle East is the perfect place to curl up with a book, a cup of tea and a pile of hash browns.

Mockingbird Cafe  


Order the ‘All In A Plate’ at this book oriented eatery and you’ll get eggs made to order, hash browns and bacon – yes please!

Pizza By The Bay


Enjoy a view of Marine Drive as you savour hot hash brown after hash brown with their exquisitely made doppio coffee.

The Yoga House


The Yoga House puts a healthy twist on hash browns by using organic potatoes…and infusing them with mozzarella, spinach and herbs. Who says veggies can’t be tasty?



Yes, we know McD isn’t exactly a Mumbai specific destination. But, their hash browns were our first loves; hot, smooth on the inside and crispy on the outside, McDonald’s hash browns will always be winners. Be sure to get there before 11 am – they’re only available on the chain’s breakfast menu.