7 Destinations in Mumbai For Crisp, Decadent Waffles 

We gave you a list of where to get the best waffles in Delhi. Now, it’s time for the Mumbai edition, because wherever you are in the country (or world), waffles are your answer. What’s the question? We don’t care, we just want to eat waffles!

1) Le Pain Quotodien 

Dig in to a plate of waffles that are served all day at LPQ, along with some decadent chocolate sauce and fresh fruits. Bliss awaits you. 

2) Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella knows how to do coffee, but it also knows how to make the perfect waffle! Crisp and fresh, one bite will send you straight to heaven! 

3) Indigo Deli 

Served with compote and freshly whipped cream these waffles are the perfect way to kick start your day. 

4) The Pantry

The Pantry’s waffles are always calling out our names. For the health nuts, they have organic flour waffles served with organic honey

5) World Of Waffles 


Yes, that’s actually the name of this lovely store. And yes, that means that they have an extensive range of waffles from classic waffles to kiwi waffles to tiramisu waffles. 

6) Fat Man’s Café 




 Powdered waffles with bananas, strawberries, honey and more powdered sugar…yes please. 

7) Waffle House   



 Head to Waffle House for their unique waffle sticks. They pop up throughout Mumbai, so keep your eyes peeled and your forks ready!