7 Dessert Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Christmas

Christmas is all about the presents, merry, candies, chocolates, and food. The last being of utmost importance. Right from teacakes and plum cakes to chocolate barks and gingerbread man cookies, the holiday brings along a stockpile of sugary festive desserts. And isn’t it just the best to whip up all that edible holiday cheer at home? Here are seven wonderful dessert recipes you can make this Christmas to have a deliciously merry one!


  1. Chocolate Tea Cake

Cozy up with some tea and hot coco as you binge out on this chocolaty tea time cake.chocolate-tea-cake-recipe


  1. Chocolate Mocha Cake

Top off your Yule’s night meals with a big slice of this coffee-infused rich chocolate cake.chocolate-mocha-cake-recipe


  1. Gingerbread House

Not just the men and the cookies, but an entire house in all its festive glory! More of a pudding person? Try out this Gingerbread pudding cake instead!Gingerbread


  1. Chocolate Bark

Munch away on this super easy to make chocolate bark. You can even jazz up your version with a few more additions like nuts, dry fruits, citrus zest, and the likes.chocolate-bark-christmas-recipe


  1. Eggless Plum Cake

The holy grail of Christmas desserts.eggless-plum-cake-recipe


  1. Toffee Pudding

Indulge in this pudding doused in sweet toffee syrup to send your Christmas spirits soaring!toffee-pudding


  1. Raspberry Bavarian Cream

Just how Julie & Julia like it.raspberry-bavarian-cream