7 Delightful Snacks That’ll Rainbow Up Your Monsoon

Come July and we’ve readied our umbrellas, gumboots, buckets, and wipers. But more often than not this list of monsoon must-haves is overshadowed by the monsoon grocery list. What, like you’ve never sat down with a tray of Chai and Pakora at the first sight of rain! Well if you haven’t, now you will. Here are 7 rain friendly grubs that you absolutely must cook up this rainy season.



What’s monsoon without some steaming hot sams!samosa-1920px-wide


Methi Pakora

Get that kadhai out for some serious deep-frying.methi-pakora-recipe


Baingan Pakora

If methi has been pakora-d, can baingan be far behind?baingan-pakoda-recipe


Aloo Paratha

Yes yes yes! Indulge in some carb stuffed in carb. Because, monsoon.Aloo Paratha


Cheese Paratha

Rains are romantic so get cheesy wih some cheese paratha!Cheese Paratha Recipe Image


Daulat Ki Chaat

Recreate Old Delhi in your kitchen with this lip smacking chaat.Daulat ki Chaat


Kulle Ki Chaat

Bring the street food home without even stepping out in the streets!Kulle Ki Chaat Recipe Image


Honorary Mention:

Coriander Chutney

Because those snacks looked incomplete without a bowlful of tangy coriander chutney (and not everything can be had with ketchup). And here are some more chutneys to put a delicious spin on your snacks.

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