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7 Delicious Pulav Recipes For A Grand Meal


Nothing shouts comfort food like Pulav. We bet you’ve cooked this a number of times because it’s easy to cook and warm and comforting. This is the go to dish when you’re not in the mood for an elaborate cooking. Pulav is healthy as we add a lot of veggies in it and it is a complete, one pot meal. Pulav is bst served with cold raitia or a crunchy salad. Here are a list of healthy pulav recipes that’ll make for a grand meal.

1. Vegetable Pulav

What do you do when you have one caroot, one potato and a few green beans left in your crisper? Make Vegetable pulav! This mildly flavoured and aromatic rice based dish is great for winter afternoons. Watch the video on how to make it in a microwave.


2. Kashmiri Pulav

This is a dish loved by all. The sweetness that comes from the raisins is just amazing. Watch Ruchi teach you how to make it.


3. Mushroom Pulav

When it comes to Vegetarian dishes, Ruchi Foods know best. They’ve given us some great recipes and easy cooking methods. Here’s one such recipe that you’ll love.


4. Tawa Pulav

Have leftover rice and don’t know what to do with it? Convert it into a spicy and tasty tawa pulav. Watch the video to know how.


5. Paneer Pulav

This is a veggie favourite. A complete meal that’ll leave you satisfied.


6. Jaipuri Pulav

Jaipuri cuisine is known for its elaborate meals and fragrant dishes. This style of pulav is no exception in which a spicy masala paste made from cream, spices and onions is a fare fit for the King!


7. Chole Pulav

Taking the regular and giving it a facelift is what this pulav is all about. This is an amazing wholesome meal that’ll make your lunch interesting.