7 Delicious Delicacies from the Seven Sisters of India
September 27, 2017
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7 Delicious Delicacies from the Seven Sisters of India

Well, Who doesn’t know about the picturesque and unique North-Eastern states of India? These seven small and stunning states- Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur. Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, and Tripura- boast the incredible natural beauty like nowhere else! These states have an abundant amount of God given wonders hidden within the same.

And, when it comes to treating their taste buds then the seven sisters serve the tourists with some of the most delectable dishes. Each of the North-Eastern states offers a unique taste to the voyagers. And, the cherry on the cake is that these foods are very healthy which you can eat without giving any second thought about your cholesterol or calorie level. The mouthwatering dishes from such states which are full of local ingredients will certainly give a pleasant change in your taste.

So, if you are a foodie, then the foods from this region will surely satiate your palate with the excellent flavors and vibrant dishes. Want to know more about those toothsome dishes?

Then, here I am with a list of best of the best!!

Just take a glance over, and I am sure you will soon plan a trip to that exquisite part of India to taste these finger-licking dishes ever!! Also, if you pay a visit to those alluring states of India then don’t forget to check out the outstandingly attractive historic tourist spots present over there.

Now, let’s start!

1. Smoked Pork from Nagaland


If you just taste this dish, then it will take your whole concept of eating barbecued foods to just another level! And, if you love to eat pork then it will be simply an icing on the cake. In this dish, you can taste the pork pieces which are crispy on its outer side and too juicy and succulent towards the inner side. The pieces of pork remain in the dry form or with a curry which is prepared with localized ingredients.

Moreover, the special touch to this dish comes from the bamboo shoot which is specifically added to bring a smoky flavor. This dish just tastes heavenly with simple steamed rice.

2. Khar from Assam


If you go the lush land of Assam, then you will understand the fact that any authentic Assamese meal is just incomplete without the palatable Khar. The main ingredients of this unique dish are raw papaya and pulses.The most crucial step that makes this dish extraordinary is nothing but the filtering of the ingredients in water through dried banana ashes which brings out the refreshing flavor of this dish.

3. Sanpiau from Mizoram


It is one of the most traditional Mizo snacks which will let you ask for another plate if you eat one. It is prepared with rice porridge which is served with freshly pasted coriander leaves, spring onions, crushed black pepper, finely powdered rice and last but not the least the zesty fish sauce. This dish is just fantastic!

4. Zan from Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh is the land of exotic tastes and smells!! And, Zan is one of the most popular dishes of this state. It is a highly customizable recipe. You can taste one as per the demands of your taste buds. It can be both green vegetables based or meat based. The local spices added to Zan brings a uniquely sweet and spicy flavor to the same.

5. Eromba from Manipur


If you want to experiment with the cuisine of Manipur, then eromba should be one of the best options. It is a wholesome food which is made with fresh veggies and red chilies. Also, there is a smoky combination of fish in this dish. Eromba is taken as a fish chutney even. It tastes fabulous with boiled rice or Manipuri millet bread.

6. Jadoh from Meghalaya


It is the popular Meghalayan dish which is prepared with the specialized Amrmbrosial rice that is grown in Meghalaya. This rice has a unique fragrance with low content of gluten present within the same. It is a variety of pulavs which are prepared in various parts of India. But, the best part is that it is low in calories and extremely healthy.

The vegetarian version of Jadoh is flavored with various vegetables like tomatoes, potato, ladies finger, capsicum and what not! And, if you are an yet another non-vegetarian who just love eating meat and fishes then you can go for a plate of Jadoh which is made with pork as the main ingredient.

7. Chikhvi from Tripura


Don’t fly back from Tripura without tasting Chikhvi!! Yes, it will make you drool. This dish is prepared with stir-fried bamboo shoots and sliced pork which just tastes excellent. It has a perfect balance of smokiness and lusciousness. In Chikhvi, the pork is cooked in such a beautiful way that you will find a little bit of moisture in every bite.

Wrapping Up

I guess you have already started drooling. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Just book the tickets for the astounding seven sisters and now and I can assure you that you will fly back with nothing else other than great memories and an unforgettable taste in your tongue.

Article written and contributed by Clara Decker, editor of CouponsMonk.

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Clara Decker

Clara Decker


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