7 Delectable Dessert Destinations In Nungambakkam

Nungambakkam is one of the best areas in the city to find some awesome spots for dessert. Kickass ice creams, cakes, pies, tarts, shakes and more, these dessert places have it all. Consider it a blessing if you’re a resident in and around Nungambakkam. If you’re not, consider making the long drives ’cause it’ll be worth it!

1. Cake Walk

The first three words that come to mind when I think of Cake Walk are cute, cosy, and comfortable. Cake Walk is one of those places you can run to for some quiet and seek comfort in their amazing cakes, donuts, cookies, and other baked goodies. They have a massive variety of scrumptious cakes that’ll have you coming back for more! Try their Chocolate Truffle and Red Velvet cakes and everything else!

Cake Walk


2. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

The best place for frozen yogurt! Menchie’s has some fun flavors for yogurt like Red Velvet, Chocolate Cake and Strawberry. But you’ll love their out-of- the-box yogurt flavours like Cookies and Cream, Cake Batter, Strawberry Banana and Peach Sorbet! What’s awesome is you’re free to choose and mix as many flavors as you like including the endless choices for toppings!



3. Movenpick Ice Cream Boutique

The cure for all ice cream cravings, Movenpick has an amazing collection of ice cream flavours and concoctions! You’re sure to fall flat for the Caramelita and Swiss Chocolate and Coconut ice creams that are found no where else! They also have pancakes, waffles, smoothies, milkshakes, soda floats and sorbets. Yum!



4. Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

When I hear “Sandy’s” I only think of one thing, That Really Tiny Chocolate cake. It’s a delightfully rich cake that pampers your taste buds with chocolate in every bite. Sandy’s is definitely a great place for dessert especially if you’re craving the chocolaty stuff. You’ll love the Triple Chocolate Brownie, Nutella Bar, Brownie Shocker, and Chocolate Milkshake!



5. Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet

Tucked inside a cosy corner on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Amadora is great for conversation over ice cream. Their desserts are nothing short of awesome and their sundaes are simply brilliant! Try the Amadora Hot Fudge Sundae, Cookie Dough Waffle Sandwich, S’Mores, and Triple C. You’ll go crazy over it (and that’s a good thing)!



6. Tryst Gourmet

Here’s another almost-hidden surprise on Khader Nawaz Khan Road. Tryst Gourmet has amazing desserts that you’ll want to take home and fill your refrigerator with. With Pies, Tarts, Eclairs, Cookies, Mousses, Brownies, Macarons, Chocolate Flans, Croissants, Danish Pastries, and a whole lot of breads on their menu, Tryst Gourmet is the ideal choice for baked goodies.



7. Haagen Dazs

If you’re really craving some awesome dessert, head over to Haagen Dazs. You’ll love EVERYTHING about it. Their ice creams are out of this world and their cakes and pastries are baked to perfection. More than just a treat for the soul, Haagen Dazs’ desserts are a work of art that you can feast your eyes on. Their dessert platters include crepes and waffles with scoops of ice cream presented in the most finest way.

Haagen Dazs