If the 7 Deadly Sins Were Food

The seven deadly sins crop up in all areas of popular culture from Christopher Marlowe’s play ‘Dr Faustus’ to ‘Se7en’, a film directed by David Fincher starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. However, they’re yet to pop up in the works of food artists and food photographers. Until then here’s my list of what the seven deadly sins would be if they were masquerading as food.

1) Lust – Chocolate


Chocolate is lauded world over as the ultimate aphrodisiac. Thick, creamy and sensuous, chocolate has been both inducing and adding to lust since the beginning of time. Or at least since chocolate was created.

2) Gluttony – Pork


The word ‘gluttony’ is often associated with pigs, probably because pigs are considered some of the greediest animals around (these association-makers have clearly not met my dogs). So it makes sense that gluttony would be hiding in piles of roast pork, cold cuts and spare ribs.

3) Greed – Food with Gold


The first story I associate with greed is that of King Midas and his touch of gold, so it makes sense that foods with gold in them would represent greed. To me it makes absolutely no sense why gold would be added to food – it’s both tasteless and odourless. This particular sundae is adorned with 18 karat gold and white diamonds.

4) Sloth – Potato Chips

potato chipss

Because there’s nothing that screams couch potato more than a bag of classic potato chips. Is anyone else picturing Homer Simpson sprawled on his couch stuffing his face?

5) Wrath – Red Chillies

california reaper

I suppose I arrived at this one because when someone’s spitting mad, you’re tempted to ask them “What’re you getting so heated up about?” And in food, heat is often associated with spice. This particular chilly is the Carolina Reaper which has been given the proud title of the ‘hottest chilly in the world.’

6) Envy – Any food you want, but don’t have.


Food envy is a thing. Urban dictionary defines it as “when you go out for a meal and your friend/lover/family’s food looks SO AWESOME you get incredibly jealous and stare at all night…” – thereby ruining your evening and any intelligent conversation you might have had. For me, a friend being given this sushi platter would cause almost incontrollable food envy.

7) Pride – Any beautiful food


Any kind of food that looks absolutely gorgeous on a plate would inspire a much-deserved pride in both the cook and the food itself. I can imagine this cake’s chef’s heart bursting with pride as he looked at his creation.

BONUS – The Apple


This innocuous fruit that sits on teachers’ desks all round the world is seen as the original sin; the fruit that got the ball rolling.