7 Cocktails In Chennai That Will Have You Ready For A Fun Weekend

It’s Friday! Almost time to wrap up with the week’s work and kick back for the weekend! So, what plans do you have? We’re thinking it’s about time you shake off all your worries, freshen up, and step out with a bunch of your close friends and catch up over some drinks. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet plan? While you’re picking your outfit for the weekend’s night out, we’ve picked a few of the best cocktails in Chennai that are deliciously fun! 


1. Kafir Lime and Lychee Mojito – Hoppipola


Hoppipola is that place for fun with friends, thanks to their enormous game space and reasonably priced drinks. This is one of their cocktails with a sweeter side and a fruity kick. 


2. Chocolate Martini – Plan B

plan b

This one’s for all the chocoholics out there, a strong martini with a large splash of vodka and lots of chocolate! 


3. Adult Oreo Shake – Big Bang Theory


As the name suggests, this one’s not your ordinary Oreo shake. Take a nice long sip, and let the vodka do it’s magic. 


4. Strawberry Daiquiri – Social


If you’re heading to Social, don’t leave unless you’ve had one of these. This daiquiri, loaded with the sweetness of strawberry, will have you coming back for more. 


5. Coco-Bongo – Bay 146


Go loco for coco! What’s more fun than a drink served in a nice little coconut? It feels like a little vacation, and if yours has been long over due, take it now. 


6. Irish Monk – High


Chocolate. Cream. Liquor. More cream. Are you really going to say no to this one? 


7. Spicy Queen – Small World

small world

Here’s a fun drink that gives you a kick from both the liquor and the flavour – chillies. Served in little peppers, this is quite fun to drink as well.