7 Celebrity Owned Wines To Sip On This Weekend

And no, Donald Trump’s isn’t one. 

Celebrity-owned everything can become quite a rage in no time. From restaurants to coffee shops to labels, celebs are like the Midas of marketing. And while celeb-owned anything is quite rad, celebrity liquor is a class apart. Here are 7 celeb owned wines to drink up this weekend!


  1. Fergie

Ever since the Ferguson Crest was put in action in 2006, Fergie and Pat Ferguson, her father, started brewing their own wine. The family-owned vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley, CA sells over 12 varieties of wine. Oh and, the production uses organic and sustainable practices.feature image fergie wine


  1. Madonna

The singing sensation, in partnership with her father Silvio Ciccone, owns the Ciccone Vineyard that was planted in 1996. The 14-acre vineyard along with a counterpart in Northern Michigan mostly rolls out local wines like the Vino di Oro.feature image madonna wine


  1. Sting

Sting & his wife’s vineyard, Il Palagio, bottles up wine named after the singers sings. Bought in 1999, the estate also produces olive oil and honey.feature image sting wine


  1. AC/DC

Bottled in partnership with Australia’s Warburn Estate, the heavy metal band has five wines under its umbrella – a Cabernet Sauvignon named ‘Highway to Hell’; a Sauvignon Blanc called ‘Hells Bells’; a Chardonnay named ‘Thunderstruck’; a dark Shiraz called ‘Back in Black’; and a ‘You Shook Me all Noght Long’ Moscato. Whoever thought wine could be so, well, metallic.feature image acdc wine


  1. Drew Barrymore

In 2011, Barrymore partnered up with Carmel Road Wineries to mint some money off her love for wine. In addition to a number of varieties, the label also sells a pinot noir, which is called Drew’s Blend.feature image drew barrymore


  1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Damn, is there anything this couple hasn’t done? Brad & Angelina purchased a massive property called the Chateau Miraval in Southern France in 2008. The vineyard bottles the Miraval Provence, which is a critically acclaimed light rosé.feature image brangelina wine


  1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is the proud co-owner of MYX Beverages that produces a fruity wine called MYX Fusions. The wine is a blend of mixed fruit extract and moscato, which results in an interesting flavor that is fruitier than usual.feature image nicki minaj wine


Wine away!