7 Breakfast Spots in Hyderabad

We were all taught breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, if you are in Hyderabad, it’s an even good reason because this city has the best breakfast places ever! Here are the best of the best.


1. Ram ki Bandi

If you are a dosa lover, this is the place for you. This small push cart located opposite Karachi Bakery at Nampally sees crowd from all walks of life. Serving dosa coated with a spicy homemade powder will make you want to eat more! If you are in Hyderabad, Ram ki Bandi is a must try and you know what, they open shop at 3 am!
2. The Blue Door
The Blue Door


This cafeteria is inspired by Greek cuisine and draws a niche crowd starting 8:00A.M every day. Their Bacon Kayanas—Greek scrambled eggs with bacon and herbs, is the best you will ever find. Don’t miss out on chatting up with Chef Stefanos Tsopanos. He’s the sweetest guy ever who will actually explain to you how your delicious Kayana was made.

3. Bikarnevala


Buttered Paranthas for breakfast? Hell Yeah! Lick your plates clean at Bikanerwala which serves hot paranthas and aloo sabji that taste just like mummy ka hath ka banaya! Their Gobi paranthas with achaar is also a must try!

4. Truffles Café

Truffle's Cafe
The waft of fresh oven baked bread hits you as you enter the café. This café is popular for its all day breakfast – Take a table outside coz breakfasting outdoors is the only way to start your long day! Eggs in all forms, crispy bacon rolls, grilled tomatoes and hash brown sell like hot cakes here!

5. Minerva Coffee Shop

Minerva Coffee Shop
This place hasn’t changed a bit since forever! If you are a frequent visitor of Hyderabad then you must have eaten at Minerva at least once. This place brings out so many memories in me and even the waiters know me as I’ve been eating there since I was a kid- and I order only one thing when I’m at Minerva- Chole Bhatura! Apart from this, the restaurant also serves lip-smacking South Indian dishes and they have a all-day breakfast menu.

6. Pragati Tiffin Centre

Pragati Tiffin Centre
This push cart is located right opposite to Pragati College, Sultan Bazaar and hence the name. This is surely a hidden gem and is highly popular among college going students around Sultan Bazaar. This place is a crowd favourite mainly because delicious crispy dosa comes at a pocket friendly price. People gobble up 4-5 plates of paneer dosa and butter dosa at one go! Now you know what to eat when you’re there.

7. Chutneys

This fine dine restaurant is famous for its- you guessed it right, Chutneys! Their Masala Dosa is out of the world! This veggie friendly restaurant serves all South Indian breakfast dishes, throughout the day at a fair price.