7 Best Road-Side Sandwich Spots In Chennai

Although, sandwiches are not native South Indian street food, the sandwiches from any place in this capital city have its own mix of ingredients that separates it well from the other sandwiches. Some street-food corners make their own sandwich sauce from secret ingredients that no one wishes to give away. Nevertheless, the sandwiches are cheesy, juicy, tasty, delicious and all the adjectives you can think of. Maybe it’s because both mayo and cheese melt into each other while cooking while in most other places you almost often get a choice between both. Cheese and Mayo melting into each other. Ever heard of a more beautiful line?


1.Burger’s Island, Velachery

7 Best Road-Side Sandwich Spots In Chennai

The place makes the best sandwiches in the city! If you haven’t tried the sandwiches here yet, you are missing out a lot!

2. Sandwich cart near Olympia


A man with a cart stands in the road next to Olympia tech park makes the best Sandwich ever! A simple sandwich made out of boiled potatoes, a pinch of pepper, onions, and some cheese sprinkled all over, somehow tastes delicious as hell.

3. Royal Sandwich, TTK Road

7 Best Road-Side Sandwich Spots In Chennai

The Chocolate sandwich is the most famous sandwich that the outlet offers. Don’t let the oddness stop you! It has chocolate, so we are guessing there’s no persuasion needed there! They have other sandwiches like bread omelette cheese toast, Dark Chocolate Cheese toast and all possible combinations you can imagine.

4. Murugan Sandwich shop, Sowcarpet

7 Best Road-Side Sandwich Spots In Chennai

Murukku sandwich is unlike anything you will ever taste. The experience is one such that cannot be described in words! Just go to this place an you will see what we are talking about!

5. Kaka Sandwich, Sanatorium



Almost invisible behind the huge skywalk in Tambaram Sanatorium, this place offers some the craziest and best Cheese sandwiches you’ll ever taste! The craziest you will find is the lays sandwich. They also offer Maggi sandwich because why not! You will not be disappointed.

6. Balaji Sandwich shop, near Alsa mall


This stall is Chennai’s ultimate favourite of all time! It has the whole Chennai going nuts. Although, it lacks variety you are assured to fall in love with everything that is offered on the menu. Chicken and Egg sandwiches are a little above the rest.  

7. Links, Purasawalkam 


Here’s another quirky sandwich shop that can baffle your senses. Try the Russian Sandwich and their Maska Murukku Sandwich! They have an endless list of other varieties that make you want to stay in that shop forever.