7 Of The Best Restaurants Near Church Street To Dine The Bangalorean Way

Bangalore City can be a difficult place to figure out, what with all the one ways and traffic jams. However, we’re here to make your life easier and that’s why we’ve done the research on the best restaurants near Church Street for the next time that you decide to venture into town. Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed.


Church Street Social 

It would be remiss of us to not include this pub with Church Street as it’s namesake. This place is always packed on the weekends so call ahead for a reservation. Gulp down their signature 1 litre long island iced teas (have the electric one, I’m telling you) or munch on their continental fare. My absolute favourite, The Jus-C Lucy that comes with a tenderloin patty, bacon and some peanut butter to boot!


Brik Oven

This gem is one of Church Street’s best-kept secrets. Although it’s small and you’ll probably have to wait a bit to get a table, you have to have the pizza’s here. Their ‘freak shakes’ are also a definite must try. I wouldn’t say that it’s expensive, in fact, you can get garlic bread here for under 100 bucks but their milkshakes are a bit pricey, I’d say it’s definitely worth it though!


Hard Rock Cafe

Because it’s technically on St. Mark’s Road Hard Rock will always be one of the best restaurants near Church Street, I mean it is walking distance. Come here for the live music, crazy awesome ambience (which can be expected at any Hard Rock), delicious burgers and free flowing drinks. However, do expect the Hard Rock prices to hit you (sorry in advance) hard.

Kylie’s – The Bao Shop

This little bao shop is an absolute winner, people absolutely swear by these bao’s and its pocket-friendly too! A trip to Kylie’s will only set you back by around 300 bucks, and that’s for 2 people! Head over to get the best bao fix!

Smally’s Resto Cafe

Smally’s has already achieved cult status here in Bangalore after one trip you’ll know exactly why. Come here for burger’s, milkshakes and fries and everything nice. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

The Only Place

Every good Bangalorean will know just how devastated we were when The Only Place shut down for a while. Their red and white checkered tablecloths and absolutely legendary barbeque and steaks are practically a part of Bangalore’s history. Would I be too bold in saying this is not one of the best restaurants near Church Street but the best? I think not. Also, check this out, the IPL players know where it’s at.

Oh! Calcutta

This massive franchise serves only the most authentic Bengali food. The ambience will have you transported straight back to the City of Joy! Come here to make all your fishy cravings realised!