5 Of The Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants In Bengaluru Serving A Meaty Fare

Every meat lover will agree that even the most mundane food gets a zing of flavour with a side of well cooked, marinated, flavored and seasoned meat. We’ve put together a list of a few of the best non-vegetarian restaurants in Bengaluru we think every meat lover MUST visit. Whether you fancy a steak, some indulgent meaty side dishes, or a full fledged steak, head over to these restaurants and dig into some delectable non-vegetarian delicacies. 


5 Of The Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants In Bengaluru Serving A Meaty Fare
There is a reason this steakhouse has come to be known as the “Place to Meet for Meat” for PGA’s “People with Giant Appetites”. Serving up a hearty meat affair, Connie’s will not let you down. From prime cuts of pork and beef steaks, and juicy meaty burgers to flavorsome pastas with loads of perfectly cooked meat, your carnivorous cravings will be satiated here. 

Where: Kamanahalli | Cost for Two: INR 1500 

Portland Steakhouse 


Lamb chops, Roast beef, Silver dollar steaks, Ribs, Tenderloin steak,  Lamb Meatballs – you name it they have it. The plethora of choice that is their menu will leave you wanting to go back over and over again. 

Where: M.G.Road | Cost for Two: INR 1500 

The Grill House 

Known for their steaks and burgers, the Grill house is every meat lover’s go-to restaurant for an unforgettable meat-ing. 

Where: Brigade Road, Ulsoor, Kalyan Nagar | Cost for Two: INR 1000



This popular retro laid back pub is known for their great food, and draught beer. The best part is that an evening here will not burn a hole in your pocket. While here, be sure to order the chilli beef and the butter beef – along with a few dosas, we promise you that you will not regret it!  

Where: Indiranagar | Cost for Two:  INR 1000 



Esplanade is inspired by all things Calcutta… named after a quaint, historic part of a city that has been a melting pot of cultures for many centuries. Do not miss the non-vegetarian Bengali feast here which features a set menu of popular Bengali dishes. 

Where: Indiranagar | Cost for Two: INR 800