KFC Chizza Or The Domino’s Burger Pizza? #POLL

While the rest of the world wad OD-ing on an All Day McBreakfast, Chocolate Fries, Mac n Cheetos and what not, we sat here drooling all over our computer screens. But little did we know that popular fast food chains KFC and Domino’s were planning up a food hybrid storm. The last six months have been nothing short of exciting for the Indian fast food junkie. More so the pizza fanatics.

Enter, the KFC Chizza and the Domino’s Pizza Burger!


KFC Chizza

Launched in December ’15, the Chizza consisted of KFC’s signature fried chicken topped off with mozzarella and pizza topping. Frankly, the concept was unimaginable till actually tasted.

“Yes, pizzas are consumed…at the end of it there’s so much bread and limited amount of toppings. We are a company that stands for 100 per cent real chicken. So, we thought — let’s do our unique take on it, and a combination of chicken and cheese is the best combination we could have, right? It’s a marriage of two best things you can ever get”, KFC’s Chief Food Innovation Officer Praneet Singh told The Indian Express.kfc-chizza_759


Domino’s Burger Pizza

And just when we were settling for the vanilla things in life, Domino’s surprised us with a Burger Pizza. This one was special because of its exclusiveness to the Indian subcontinent. Yaas, for a change we beat Japan to a food hybrid! The cheesy innovation was a blend of the classic pizza dough, a burger bun and oodles of pizza topping in between.

Again, something totally out of the pizza box (pun intended) and unthinkable unless gorged on. The Burger Pizza looks like a burger, tastes like a pizza” according to Domino’s. And rightly so. The combination was surprisingly harmonious and the nation is going gaga over it. Well most of it anyway.BurgerPizza


So what’s your take? Would you rather have a Chizza or a Burger Pizza? Or (like a true fast food junkie) both? Vote and share.

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