612 East By Rohit Barker Is All Set To Open And We’re Stoked!

RJ/DJ Rohit Barker is pretty much a household name here in Bangalore. If ever you’re looking for the happening scene in Bangalore search for his name and you’ll know where to go. So, it’s pretty much guaranteed that 612 East which he’s opening with his partner Shylesh Jain is gonna be a smashing success!

Located on 12th Main Road in Indiranagar, LLB reports that this place is set over three floors — each with a slightly different ambience. The terrace is to really chill and unwind, the second for catching up in the balcony area or even inside, and the bottom for your date night, perhaps.

612 East By Rohit Barker Is All Set To Open And We're Stoked!

Food is expected to the regular pub food that so encapsulates the Bangalore vibe – think burgers, sandwiches and finger foods. All the alcoholics (me included) have no fear because there are going to be plenty of signature cocktails as well as the cocktail staples.

It goes without saying that we can expect only the best musical selection and experience from Rohit Barker. In fact, come 6 pm, a terracotta wall will turn into a screen that will play the corresponding visuals to the tunes you’ll be hearing (literally my favorite thing in the whole world)!

612 East is all set to open on 2nd June and I can’t wait to get my foot in the door! Clear your schedules because it’s going to be legendary!