Chris Forsberg Stirs Up A Sprinkles Storm

In commemoration of National Donut Day, a Digital Media group named ‘Donut Media’ uploaded a supremely satisfying video on its Facebook page.

The video starts off as a regular ‘How to’ video with the person giving a donut decoration tutorial. Only it’s much jazzier than one can imagine. Enter Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg in a gleaming white Nissan. The man decks up the donuts with sprinkles in a way that’d make Vin Diesel and the entire Tokyo Drift team real happy.

“Wondering if the car could do donuts in sprinkles! It felt looser and icier than ice itself and felt granular,” said Forsberg. “I had very little feel in the steering and the gas pedal. I had to guess how much throttle to use”, quotes Delish.

The final result is a video packed with 2,500 pounds of vibrant sprinkles flying around in the most hypnotic fashion. Have a look and drool your glands out.