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6 Things You Should Never Do When Cooking Steak


Cooking that juicy piece of steak doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or instructions. Season it with some salt and pepper and you are ready to indulge in the wonderful creation that is steak. Although living in India, we do not have the options to enjoy different cuts of beef, there is a distinct need to understand how to cook the meat we do get in a proper way.

These tips will help you cook that perfectly seasoned piece of meat, with your guests fawning over your restaurant quality steak during your weekend dinner party. 

1. Do Not Cook Cold Steak

Cooking steak which comes directly from the freezer is never a good thing. Allow your meat to reach the room temperature before the cooking begins. When you cook a cold steak, the inside will not be cooked properly leading to an uneven cooking process.  Always bring your meat products to room temperature before cooking. 


2. Do Not Under Season

The steak which you spent so much money on will probably go to waste if you don’t season it correctly. The concept of over-seasoning does not apply to steaks. Make sure you season your steak with copious amounts of salt and pepper and most importantly, on both sides, before you drop it into the pan.


3. Do Not Cook The Meat In A Cold Pan

Speaking of pans, never cook your meat in a cold pan. The hotter the pan, the better caramelized your steak will be. The heat from the pan caramelizes the outer layers of your steak while cooking the meat inside. Cooking the steak in a cold pan will let the oil in your pan seep through while the juices from your steak evaporates. Never a good thing. 


4. Do Not Flip It

Never turn your piece of meat more than once, it is not a burger pattie. The best restaurant quality steaks always have the juices of the meat locked inside and flipping the steak more than once defeats the entire purpose of cooking the steak in as much heat as possible. It removes the steak from the heat and lets the juice disappear. 


5. Do Not Poke Your Meat With Forks

Again, we go back to locking in the juices as much as possible and poking your steak with forks lets the juices out. If you are trying to see if your steak has reached the perfect medium-rare stage, use the finger test. 


6. Do Not Serve The Steak Straight From The Pan

Rest the meat for 5 minutes or depending on the size of your steak before you serve. Resting your steak will help the juices reach the middle of your steak which helps in locking it in when you cut your steak open. 


If you have paid a lot of money for that juicy piece of steak, you have to make sure it is prepared well. Make sure to follow these tips to cook restaurant quality steaks within the comfort of your home.