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6 things guacamole is not


1. Nope, not dessert material

Unlike most fruits, avocado is not sweet but buttery. This dip is essentially spicy, and the level of spice can be adjusted by adding the appropriate amount of chillies.

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2. Not a mole

If guacamole were a question in your paper, you know you’d write a five page essay on guacamole being the king of all moles.

guacamole recipes

3. Not rocket science

It is a Mexican delicacy but it isn’t an intricate dish. Avocado can be easily smashed with a fork.

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4. Sorry, vegetarians, not always

Guacamole need not necessarily be a vegetarian sauce. Bacon and other meat are often smashed and added to the pureed avocado.

easy guacamole recipes

5. Not green? Not a problem

Guacamole turns brown only because it gets oxidized when exposed to air. If you want to retain the greenness of the guacamole for a longer time, puree the seeds with the fruit.

brown guacamole

6. Not if you have four legs

Guacamole, despite being made from a fruit, is not safe for dogs. Avocado has a substance called ‘persin’ which is toxic to dogs in large amounts.

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