6 Special Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

Dinner, my love.

What’s better than dinner at a romantic restaurant by the beach? Your date offering to cook for you. Yes, and that that doesn’t mean what you think it means. Get rid of those take-out menus. These recipes are set to sparkle. They’ll add that special touch to your candle lit evening. So ditch those reservations and cook at home. Cook alone, or cook together, just make sure there’s love all around. 

Get out those old candle stands and play those ol’ love songs, the show is about to begin. 

1. Shrimp Risotto 

Ho, ho, ho, merry Risotto!

2. Creamy Vegan Avocado Pasta

Cado goes green!

3. One pot Paleo Mexican Chicken 

One pot Mexico

4. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

5. Baked Vegetable Medley 

6. Chole Bhature 

Happy Bhature for Happy Chole


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