6 Restaurants in Mumbai to Visit for a Traditional Thali

From the kitchens of the high class to the common man’s table, one meal that is common in households all over India is the thali. Wholesome and balanced, thalis serve a variety of dishes in small quantities so you can get a taste of each dish. When faced with an extensive menu at a restaurant sometimes the best option is a thali – at least you’ll be sure that you’re getting the best that the restaurant has to offer. That said, here are restaurants that you can visit in Mumbai for the best thalis in town.

1) Friends Union Joshi Club

Where: Kalbadevi


Nestled in an old building that looks set to fall down at any minute, the casual passerby would not believe that Friends Union Joshi Club had once been frequented by Dhirubhai Ambani. But frequent it he did for the authentic Gujarati thali which includes farsan, rotis, four vegetables and bhakri.

2) Golden Star Thali

Where: Charini Road


A restaurant with the word ‘thali’ in its name should by default serve great thalis. The Golden Star Thali lives up to the expectation by serving authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes in their thali, which includes four vegetables, farsan, dal and three kinds of rice. The Golden Star thali is frequented by tourists as it has been featured in the New York Times and on CNN’s good eats.

3) Chetana

Where: Kala Ghoda


Another restaurant that serves great Rajasthani fare is Chetana, a pure vegetarian restaurant that is housed along a road that holds Kala Ghoda’s most popular eateries. It also serves traditional Gujarati and Maharastrian thalis.

4) Gajalee

Where: Ville Parle


If you’re a non vegetarian and enjoyed the Maharastrian thali at Chetana then check out Gajalee, one of Mumbai’s best seafood restaurants. Try the fish thali which includes fish masala and bombil fry.

5) Highway Gomantak

Where: Bandra

mutton thali

Another great seafood place is Highway Gomantak which serves Goan style seafood. They have a whole menu dedicated to thalis; try the ravas curry thali, the mutton suke thali and the chicken green thali.

6) Taste of Kerala

Where: Fort

taste of kerela

This humble restaurant serves a traditional Kerala sadhya; a thali consisting of pure vegetarian fare served on a banana leaf.