6 Recipes that Scream “Vegan” and nothing else

Being Vegan and Killing it!

You’re a Vegan and you hate eating out, especially in your part of the world where you need to explain the things you don’t eat? Push that supposedly ‘vegan’ contraption away. Do away with that faux sushi and whip up one of these. They’re completely Vegan and won’t disappoint. They shine in their breads, cookies and sandwiches and will have you eating at home even on a weeknight. So why bother with anything else? 

1. Peanut, Nothing-like-Butter Cookie 

Eat a Peanut, Here's how.

Super Crumbly and crunchy. You NEED these cookies.

2. The Ultimate Sandwich 

Lay it on me!

Sandwiches- what great road trips are made of.

3. Freak Out Frittata 

Everything's gonna be okay!

“Dear me,” said one egg to another, ” They’re making Frittatas without us!”

4.  Adorable Little Lemon Pudding Cakes 

And you Pudding'd it.

Magical. Absolutely magical. One minute they’ll look like goo and the next minute your serving out elegant looking lemon puddings.

5. Hash(tag) Awesome

Hash-tag Awesome.

A quick hash recipe that’s definitely for keeps. It’s absolutely failproof.